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Welcome to Forde Lending Group, your trusted partner in unlocking financial potential through strategic hard money lending solutions. At Forde Lending Group, we understand that in the dynamic landscape of real estate and business, opportunities often present themselves at a moment's notice. That's why we are dedicated to providing swift and reliable hard money loans tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Forde Lending Group is built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. We take pride in offering a personalized approach to hard money lending, working closely with our clients to understand their objectives and timelines. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a business owner in need of quick capital, Forde Lending Group is here to support your financial goals.
High level of competence
  1. Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of experience in real estate and finance, ensuring that you receive expert guidance throughout the lending process. We understand the complexities of the market and are well-equipped to navigate them on your behalf.

  2. Flexibility: We recognize that every financial situation is unique. Forde Lending Group takes pride in offering flexible loan terms and structures to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Our goal is to empower you to seize opportunities and achieve success.

  3. Speed: Time is of the essence in real estate and business. At Forde Lending Group, we prioritize efficiency without compromising thoroughness. Our streamlined processes enable us to provide quick approvals and timely funding, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

  4. Transparency: We believe in open communication and transparency. From the initial consultation to the closing of your loan, Forde Lending Group keeps you informed every step of the way. No hidden fees, no surprises—just a clear path to financial success.

  5. Client-Centric Approach: Your success is our success. Forde Lending Group is dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand your goals and work collaboratively to ensure your financial objectives are met.

Why Choose Forde Lending Group:

At Forde Lending Group, we are more than just a lending institution; we are your strategic partner in achieving financial growth. Experience the Forde Lending Group difference and let us be the catalyst for your success in the world of hard money lending.

Jason Forde

Industry's leading expert - CEO/Owner

As a native of New York, Jason’s upbringing was steeped in a rich tradition of hard work and dedication, having spent his formative years assisting his grandfather at Belmont and Aqueduct Racetracks. His commitment to rising before dawn to contribute and share moments with his grandfather within the dynamic realm of horse racing reflects the disciplined foundation that has shaped his professional journey.

Jason embarked on his finance career on the prestigious Wall Street, immersing himself in the intricacies of the stock market. In 2001, he discovered his true calling in mortgage banking, joining Robins & Lloyd Mortgage Banking in Manhattan. His expertise flourished, leading him to EIF Mortgage until 2014. Following a relocation to Atlanta, GA, Jason recognized the opportune moment to establish his own mortgage lending enterprise—Miracle Mortgage.

In a brief return to New York, driven by a familial connection to horse racing, Jason explored his grandfather’s aspiration for him to become a trainer. While his passion for horses was profound, it ultimately paled in comparison to his dedication to mortgage lending. Returning to Atlanta, he resumed his mortgage career, founding Forde Lending Group.

Through Forde Lending Group, Jason is poised to cater to your private lending needs, leveraging his extensive experience to facilitate your path to success. His commitment to excellence ensures a tailored approach to meet your financial objectives.

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